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Unregistered 01:03 PM 01-28-2009
Does anyone know of a reliable supplier (cleaning supplies, food service, etc.)? I am in North Carolina.
Unregistered 08:01 AM 01-30-2009
I use Cintas for paper towels, rugs and dust mops. They have other supplies also (soap dispensers, wet mops, etc. I'm not sure exactly what else). They deliver all my supplies regulary. It's very convenient. They definitely are located in North Carolina.
Unregistered 10:14 AM 04-07-2009
Try The Barrington Company - 800-828-2229.

We have used them for years and they are fantastic. They have a great cleaner - 891 which is an awesome bleach and water alternative. They also carry other day care supplies. Hand soaps, changing paper, gloves.

joelietz 10:26 AM 05-27-2011
Not sure if they have cleaning products, but I get most of my from
JenNJ 10:55 AM 05-27-2011
Amazon or
NiNi.R. 11:55 AM 05-27-2011
I order alot from and Love it! has 1-2 day shipping on orders $39.00 plus has 1-2 day shipping on orders $50.00 plus

It's not hard at all to spend that much money at either place. Makes it so convenient and now I have more cart room when I go on my big shopping hauls
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