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Tiny Hiney Daycare 12:09 PM 09-08-2011
We Operate two Certified Family homes, and are looking for some help with evaluations. We have six employees all of which are woman, and as you can imagine there is DRAMA! lol So to help with the whole this person does this.. and this person doesn't do that, followed up with but please don't tell them. We want to use peer evaluations that are anonymous. Anyone use this? How does it work? and what points to you mark?

As owners we don't get to the second house as much as would like to, and besides everyone acts better when we are there. Thanks for your feed back...
Blackcat31 12:24 PM 09-08-2011
I am sorry I have no advice to offer but LOVE your name!!
Cat Herder 12:43 PM 09-08-2011
No advice....

But I know a link that gives EXCELLENT advice on this topic.

My DH manages about 90 employees right I feel you. I just did some of this research for him.... Hot weather = Hot heads

Good luck!
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