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jgcp 06:51 PM 03-16-2015
I have a dkp that is a teacher,( i have mentioned her dd 4yr old, and going into kinder) SOOO this morning she comes in and says " I dont know if we're going to enroll her, so can you just hold her spot"... ,its 630 in the Am and i am not a quick thinker that early haha, She didnt mention anything about paying for that spot ( she wont be here in the summer because mom is a teacher) Im Just wondering how you would charge for this? whats charged for the week now while in care or something discounted ( i charge 125 for a full time week) so i was thinking 75 a week without care?? and if she needed to bring her thats fine too?? What do you all do?
Second Home 03:19 AM 03-17-2015
I do not hold spots , you either pay for it and use it ( or not) or you take the chance of me not having room later when school starts .
Josiegirl 03:21 AM 03-17-2015
I probably wouldn't offer to hold her spot, especially if you can easily fill it. Have a talk with her and see exactly what her intention was when she asked you that.
Even taking half-pay instead of a FT dcf, would cut your income down.
The only time I ran into something like that was when teacher dcm said she'd see me when school started up again, after telling me her dd wouldn't be coming during the summer. I told her if I had an open spot I'd love to have her come back.
DaveA 03:49 AM 03-17-2015
I tell parent if they want to hold a spot during an extended absence the reserve rate is half of a full time rate. I doubt I would hold a spot while they are decideding if they are enrolling. That's not really a decision that should be made last minute.
CraftyMom 06:08 AM 03-17-2015
That is a long time to lose income. I would charge full, others charge half. Whatever you are comfortable with, but I would not do it for free. That is a long time to lose income and you don't even know for sure if she will return. She could easily change her mind again and you will have lost all that income for nothing. Especially since she said "I don't know if we're going to enroll her".

Tell her "sure, I would love to have dcg return! I'm sure you understand I can not hold the spot and lose income. The rate will be $xx (or the rate will not change). Please let me know by xx date so I can fill the spot if you are not interested"
Unregistered 06:34 AM 03-17-2015
If you have a contract that does not require payment over the summer, I would think you are bound by that.
Not sure how you have yours set up.

BUT if she is, in effect giving notice for the end of the school year, could you require a nonrefundable deposit for fall? AND either require a new signed contract, OR give her a decision date that gives you time to find a new enrollee.
e.j. 11:13 AM 03-17-2015
Originally Posted by Second Home:
I do not hold spots , you either pay for it and use it ( or not) or you take the chance of me not having room later when school starts .
Same here.
jgcp 05:09 PM 03-17-2015
Thanks everyone! I definetly would not hold the spot open for free!! I was thinking if she does want to pay to hold that spot I could just do a quick amendment to the contract for what she will be paying for and how long( my contract dosnt have anything in it for extended breaks or time out). And if they do enroll her in school, thats just her loss. I really dont mind holding the spot if she paid half with no kid there .
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