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mariposies 12:55 PM 01-13-2021
Hi there,

So I had a Zoom interview today, with two people, as I am looking for a new job as a preschool teacher. The interview only lasted 30 minutes, although the interviewer had said it would take longer than the designated 45 minutes. It seemed to be going well until this question:

Can you think of a time when a colleague gave you critical feedback regarding your work?

My response: At the very beginning of my career in early childhood, I would say that I became too attached to a child in my care, as I did not yet know that boundary between acting as a parent, versus a teacher.

Interviewer: Can you clarify what you mean by 'attached?'

Me: When he left for the day, I would feel that I missed him, and when I left for the day, it was reported that he missed me.

Interviewer: Can you give another example?

Me: When we would go to the playground, he would prefer to sit with me rather than playing with his friends. And [i]being a brand new teacher,[i] I did not discourage this behavior. At this point is when another teacher gave me critical feedback on this, causing me to engage in much self reflection.

Interviewer: And as experienced as you are now, what would you do differently?

Me: Now I know that part of proper social-emotional development and appropriate boundary is to encourage the child to explore. The teacher can act as a home-base if the child feels insecure, but teacher should always encourage as much independence as possible. Also, paying too much attention to one child indicates favoritism.

The interview, I feel never recovered after this. Did I make myself sound like a creep? I was trying to show a human side, and what I learned, but I have a feeling I messed up. Can anyone share what they think? Thank you.
Jo123ABC 01:09 PM 01-13-2021
It sounds fine to me! You connected with a student and built a relationship. You let them know that you learned to encourage children to engage in activities with their friends rather than sitting with you all day but pretty much told them you are a kind, empathetic teacher who enjoys the field you're in and that you are actively learning and growing as a professional. I'd hire you!
Cat Herder 01:11 PM 01-13-2021
It would depend on the interviewer and his/her experiences.
grandmom 02:33 PM 01-21-2021
Mariposies, I think your explanation of that experience was perfect. We all make first time mistakes. You learned a great lesson. I'd hire you.
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