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Abigail 10:41 PM 08-27-2010
I just saw a picture and can't believe I didn't think of this myself. Buy a 5-shelf book shelf, hammer in nails on the outside of the adjustable shelves to keep them in place, turn it sideways, and then drill in hooks!

The tall 5-shelf is a Wal-Mart for $25 for the back to school sale. (They're probably on Craigslist and many rummage sales too)

Then, drill in hooks (with Short screws) for $2.28/piece

You can also use command tape instead of hooks for about the same price! This is just a creative idea. Please share any other creative ideas you have!
fr1endly2 09:21 AM 08-28-2010
WOULD love to see the finish product in pictures......?
Unregistered 09:54 AM 08-28-2010
I did this and then put crossboards in to make cubbies. Alot cheaper than buying cubbies!
SilverSabre25 07:30 PM 08-28-2010
That's an awesome idea!

Thanks for the link to the bookshelf at Wal-Mart, actually...I was just trying to clean up my (and DH's, but he doesn't notice the mess, lol) bedroom tonight and thinking how we need one, or even two, more tall bookshelves to hold our ever-growing book collection. I may just buy one or two of those shelves...even though I generally avoid Wal-Mart, that's an unbeatable price.
Abigail 09:12 PM 08-28-2010
Here is the link where I saw the photo! (Took awhile before I found it again!)
MarinaVanessa 11:20 AM 08-29-2010
This is a great idea! OMG and so simple and obvious lol. I love the extra idea of adding a shelf for a cubby at the bottom. This is deffinetely going into my "I so want to do this when we move into a new and bigger house" list. We already have the bookcase but it's being used in my daughters room at the moment. When I move and have a bigger space maybe my honey will let me convert the garage yay!
Abigail 03:32 PM 08-29-2010
Then, you can set a basket above each cubbie "Shelf" and then put the child's name on the wall above it! People seem to always be selling these tall shelves at rummages too, so I bet you could get one cheaper than Wal-Mart even. Good luck!
melissa ann 04:19 AM 08-30-2010
Love it! I will be keeping my eyes out for one of the those bookselves to make one. Thanks for posting.
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