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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>What is More Lucrative, Daycare or Preschool
Unregistered 11:28 AM 03-15-2011
Hey y'all..

I'm starting a daycare in NYC but have heard that a preschool may be a better thing to go with.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Cat Herder 11:36 AM 03-15-2011
Financially speaking, Pre-School is the new "buzz" product.....

Like it or not.

The only problem I see is the gaining popularity on free Government Pre-School. It has cornered the market here.

Can you compete with free?
3kidzmama 12:18 PM 03-15-2011
It may be different in each state, because Tuesdays where I live pays the provider/teacher for each child in the preschool program as long as it is up to state regulations. The parents do not pay, but attendence is based on income.
melskids 01:28 PM 03-15-2011
here, preschool is free.....and i can't compete with that. so i specialize in infant/toddler. i actually prefer those ages anyway.
daycare 01:45 PM 03-15-2011
I do both.... here preschool is only free for 3.5 hours. So what do the parents do that need all day care for their child? They come to

I teach during the morning and then offer extended care for the rest of the day. The preschools here do not offer that.
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