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dcrcm 04:11 AM 09-20-2011
Hello everyone,
I am writing from Huntington Beach California and looking forward to exchange great ideas and resources with the members of this wonderful community. I am new to the concept of forums and my first question is: How do you PM someone or accept PM from somebody?
Michael 04:44 AM 09-20-2011
Welcome to the Forum! I upgraded your status.

You can use Private Messaging by clicking on the User CP link or clicking on the messgae link under you name in the upper right side of the forum.
Blackcat31 06:51 AM 09-20-2011
dcrcm 08:01 PM 09-25-2011
Thank you Michael,...

Thank you Blackcat31...

Wow Michael!... You are sure on the top of things!... I love how the numbers lined up on your reply timing.... Good sign!...

Congratulations on this wonderful community you have put together!...
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