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DaycareMom 04:56 AM 09-17-2012
So I have been watching DCB3 for about a year. He has an older brother who is 5 and goes to Kindergarten. The older brother from what I have seen is not well behaved at all and very physical.

Well, DCM asked me as a favor to watch the older child for a couple hours on a day which she has a doctors appt. (and the DR appt is for her to potentially have another child).

I don't want to watch the older child as he seems to be an issue but don't really have any reason to say no.

How do I go about telling her that I will do it this one time but that I don't want to do it again?

I was going to send her a text or email ... how should I word it?

Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you!
rhymia1 05:16 AM 09-17-2012
I know a lot of providers who do not provide care for school aged kids. I don't think there is anything wrong with telling mom "I typically do not offer care for school aged kids, I would be happy to do it this one time, but my house is geared for younger kids." If you don't really want to do it at all (and there is nothing wrong with that!) then tell her that you don't offer care for school aged kids.
rhymia1 05:17 AM 09-17-2012
Oh, and if you *do* offer school aged care, you can always say you are at your max for school agers.
cheerfuldom 05:35 AM 09-17-2012
If you really dont want to, dont do it. If there are no other older kids, just say you dont care for school agers at this time. If you do care for school agers and just dont want to take him for the day, just say that you are dont have any drop in availability at this time.
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