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sk2011 11:42 AM 06-16-2011

Since 3 days, I am leaving my 1 yr baby in daycare.
He is playing well when I or my spouse are in daycare. When we left the room, he was looking for us, and started crying. He is not even stopping...he is keep crying and crying and vomitting. I am verymuch worrying...
I dont know what to do?? Please give me some tips how to handle this situation.

lil angels 11:53 AM 06-16-2011
Give it time if he is new to the group setting he should adjust fine you just have to give it some time.
cheerfuldom 12:53 PM 06-16-2011
wait it out. He has had 12 months of one type of care. 3 days is not enough time to adjust. It will probably be closer to 3 months but each week you should see small improvements. Staying and playing with him at daycare is probably making it worse.
Live and Learn 01:32 PM 06-16-2011
Hang in there. ...the first few days are the worst on both of you....but mostly you.

Don't linger at all at drop off it only makes it worse on the baby. 99% of babies are fine after the first month. DON'T LINGER!
Ariana 01:45 PM 06-16-2011
I agree that it takes time. He's away from you in a strange environment so it's normal! He will eventually get used to it and he might even start crying when you go to pick him up at the end of the day.

**hugs** and hang in there
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