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TSDaycare 04:23 AM 04-13-2017
One more day this week, I can do it!!!!!
Parents sitting in my driveway waiting for me to open my door each morning, 10.5 hour days, pick ups later than normal every day this week. Thank god today is my Friday!!
Cat Herder 04:40 AM 04-13-2017
I hear you. It is frustrating. Will the extra fees come in handy this weekend for you?
CityGarden 10:08 AM 04-13-2017
Today is my Friday as well!!! I am so ready for Spring Break!!!!

I will have one dck with me on M/T but he is coming on outings with me and my dd.

I don't think I have ever looked this forward to Spring Break!
happymom 11:27 AM 04-13-2017
I'm excited for you and for me too!

Tomorrow is our last day of work/daycare and my family is headed to Sunny San Diego for a full week!
Controlled Chaos 12:00 PM 04-13-2017
4 more hours till a 4 day weekend!!!!!
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