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momofboys 04:36 AM 02-14-2011
My kids are off school the last week of MArch for Spring Break. I care for one DCF with two kids. I had told them in September I would take 3 days off over Spring Break but now I really want to take the whole week off. I don't/won't get paid for it but that is fine with me. I'd much rather have a whole week off to veg with my kids! It is about 6 weeks away so is this enough notice that I will now be taking 5 days off instead of 3?
cillybean83 04:40 AM 02-14-2011
nah, I think you're fine, it's over a month away right?

I tell my families 2 week before I'll be gone for vacation, but I have a back up who will keep daycare open, so I figure if they want to be picky they have 2 weeks to find someone else
Zoe 05:35 AM 02-14-2011
Do you have it in your policy the amount of notice that you will give for vacation or personal time? I've written that I'll give 4 weeks notice for vacation that way I can figure out last minute details if necessary. If you are able to give a notice, I'm sure you'll be fine!
Pammie 05:37 AM 02-14-2011
I think 6 weeks is ample notice

Enjoy the break with your kids!!!
DCMomOf3 05:48 AM 02-14-2011
I have it written in my contract I'll give at least 4 weeks notice. I think 6 weeks is fine. Do you have anything in your contract regarding your time off?
juliebug 05:56 AM 02-14-2011
I think 6 weeks enought time
missnikki 06:10 AM 02-14-2011
Not only is it enough time, but with one family that makes it a lot easier to do. Have a nice break!
momofboys 11:11 AM 02-14-2011
I will tell DCM today. I am so excited to have a week-long break even if it is unpaid!
Unregistered 08:00 AM 02-15-2011
Thats more than enought time. Enjoy the week off!
jojosmommy 02:06 PM 02-15-2011
I agree, 6 weeks is plenty of time. I would offer names of close providers (if you know any) that could provide back up daycare if they needed. That way you have given them notice and helped them with a back up plan if they don't know of anyone.
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