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amandabeals 10:27 AM 10-06-2011
Where I live infant spots are iffy and also very demanding. I run a small daycare and currently have one opening for a newborn. I was asked if i could hold a spot until january 1st and what it would cost and if it was even possible. This is a new family. Now im willing to do it because i dont know when the next call for a infant will i need the income. I charge $225 a week. I was thinking of charging them one months tuition to hold the spot (non refunable) until the end of dec, then there after if they still need it held they would pay 1/2 tuition weekly. this is my business and how i support my 3 kids and pay my mortgage and bills....

does this seem right or to high?

how do i set up a contract for this?

any help or advice would be much appreciated.

thanks in advance!
KBCsMommy 01:23 PM 10-06-2011
Until a contract is signed still have an open infant spot.
I think other providers have posted contracts on this site too.

She should pay at least half tuition per month until her infant starts dc. Because like you said you need to pay the bills and shes keeping a spot you currently are not getting money for, but you could be!!
If shes serious she will pay it, if shes not, keep advertising!!
SilverSabre25 01:36 PM 10-06-2011
Your plan sounds good. Have a clause though that if before Jan 1st you get a call for an infant that would start sooner, she has the choice to either start paying you full tuition from then, or lose the spot.
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