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daycare 02:02 PM 11-14-2011
Hope I can explain this so you all can understand.

I require 1/2monhts fees to hold a spot. Right now I have 3 families that are going to be paying a holding fee to secure a spot for their child that will all start at the first of the year.

I got to thinking.

I agree to hold the spot basically for one month, until the start date. If the parents decide not to show up, I want to say that they will be responsible for fees until they give notice.

So if you do not give a two week written notice of cancellation prior to your start date fees will start to occur from start date forward, if your child is in attendance or not.

Does this sound fair?

I would just hate to hold a spot and the the day of or week before their start date they say oh well I am not going to have my child enroll after all...

BTW my deposit is not refundable..
CheekyChick 03:15 PM 11-14-2011
When someone wants to hold a spot, I only require they SIGN their contract and pay their enrollment fees (last two week's tuition and registration fee). In the contract, it states that ALL enrollment fees are non-refundable. If they back out (which one has) they will not (and did not) get a refund.
daycare 03:21 PM 11-14-2011
so my request is fair??

this is what I have written, maybe you can help with the wording:

The *** Daycare agrees to hold an opening for my child from December 11, 2011 until the end of the business day on, Monday, January 2, 2012, which will be the start date for my child. All fees will start to occur for the cost of care from this date forward if my child is in attendance or not. Should I decide that I do not need care for my child, I will inform in writing to The *** Daycare two weeks prior to my start date to avoid any further fees, otherwise full tuition fees will be charged until I inform The ***x Daycare of my desire to cancel.
daycare 03:50 PM 11-14-2011
why does the English language have to be so darn hard??

Wordy? too many words....HELP!

I need to send this agreement out within the and I cant understand what I
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