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SilverSabre25 08:23 AM 02-16-2013
My kindergarten daughter just showed me her fingers crossed and asked if it means "Choking God". I have never heard of such a thing! Is this something I'm unaware of or is the kid who told her that full of it?

AFAIK it's just a symbol for luck, hoping for a good outcome, etc.

Please enlighten me...
MamaBearCanada 09:03 AM 02-16-2013
I have never heard of that?! And as a Christian who doesn't believe in 'luck' I would never say that someone being kind and wishing someone good luck was 'choking God' - I actually think that would be very rude to someone showing a kindness.
Loveyoustinkyface 09:57 AM 02-16-2013
I have never heard of that! I just asked my school aged kids, they never heard of such a thing either.
Vesta 12:32 PM 02-16-2013
I've never heard of that but....
Don't you cross our fingers if we are making a promise that we don't intend to keep? Well when we were kids anyway.
The whole "I had my fingers crossed behind my back so it didn't count" thing.
Might it have something to do with that?
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