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Daycare and Taxes>Do I Need An Accountant?
busymomof2 01:53 PM 10-21-2010
I just love this forum. I have had several issues and you ladies are full of GREAT advice and give wonderful support. I feel like I am no longer doing this alone.

With that said...I am new to dc...since August. I just purchased MM Kids Pro to help me with record keeping and taxes and ordered Tom's book. Should I be looking for an accountant as well? I don't want to owe that much. Do you have an accountant? How you find it helpful? How much do they cost?
SandeeAR 05:18 PM 10-21-2010
From my own experience, I wouldn't be without my CPA for my taxes once a year. In the past I had a large craft business. She did our taxes each year. IRS audited us, she went, we never did. She called me once for info and that was it. IRS was satisfied and we owned nothing else. They tried to audit the next year and she told them they couldn't audit us two years in a row.

It cost us $150 to do our personal and business taxes. It is well worth it to me. I just keep all my records in excel. I keep a calendar with each child attending that day and the hours. Turn it in and let her do the work.

That is around $13.00 a month. Worth it to me.
busymomof2 08:28 PM 10-21-2010
So you only work with her once a year to do your taxes. Good to know. And is is VERY affordable and to have the peace of mind that it is being done right. Thank you!
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