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Emily Rose 08:48 AM 06-19-2015
I am working on a preschool lesson plan for school. at the beginning I have to write the theme and date it and then below that it says language concepts and is numbered 1-5. What does language concepts mean?? help is greatly appreciated!
MrsSteinel'sHouse 10:41 AM 06-19-2015
I would think Language concepts would be rhyming, beginning letter sounds, recognizing letters or sounds, Title Author of book, etc

So if my theme was Fish
Language Concepts
Recognize letter Ff (Have sand letters for Ff and other Ff's available- magnetic letters etc)
Recognize the sound of letter Ff. (build a word wall using the following words Fish, fan, frog, family)
Words are read from left to right (run finger under words on word wall)
Rhyming words (Fish, dish, wish read One Fish Two Fish)

etc. Does that help any?
Emily Rose 07:46 PM 06-20-2015
a little. I chose the theme 4th of July so I'm not sure how those would fit into this theme...
Thriftylady 07:55 PM 06-20-2015
I don't think the theme matters, the concepts would be the same. So for the Fourth of July you would change the words.

Maybe still use the letter F.

Fourth, Fire, Fun, Firecracker

Then use the other ideas posted by PP.
MrsSteinel'sHouse 12:33 PM 06-22-2015
4th Of July
Language concept- onomatopoeia POP, BANG, Boom
LC- vocabulary- make a word wall or list of the words that the kids come up with to describe the 4th- fireworks, sparkle, red, white, blue etc (onomatopoeia words
LC- drawing or tracing stars (prewriting skill) following directions, listening skill.
LC-Read "Biscuit's Fourth of July" discuss print concepts (front of the book, turn the pages, left to right when we read)
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