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mengo 06:47 PM 11-27-2015
any tips on contract and policies ? how should i make a contract and policies and everything . are daycare allows to be open seven days a week ? well just leave me your help , thank you
spedmommy4 08:23 PM 11-27-2015
In California, a licensed family childcare can operate 24 hours a day/7 days a week. I personally know several providers who have burnt out quickly offering that type of care, so have a plan for getting you time in if you are going to offer it. (eg: hiring someone to fill in for you so you can get out of the house)

I am not great at finding old threads on this board but I know there are lots of sample contracts in the old threads. Hopefully, someone better at finding threads will come on and post. In the meantime, here is a resource you may find helpful.
mengo 12:02 AM 11-29-2015
im currently planning on thinking to do in michigan and not california, but please any information would be great, so share
Blackcat31 07:59 AM 11-29-2015
Threads with contract samples:

Threads about handbooks:

You can use the search tab above to search any topic you'd like.
mengo 01:20 PM 11-29-2015
thank you so much , it was very helpful , anymore information would be great , thank you for your help
midaycare 03:00 PM 11-29-2015
You need to go to the State of MI website and go through everything you need to do be licensed. It can take between 60-120 days. You need to take a day long class and have an on-site visit where someone from the state will let you know if you are in compliance and can open.

Every child has to have a minimum of 35 sq feet, too. And they do measure.
mengo 03:47 PM 11-29-2015
thank you for the help
midaycare 04:04 PM 11-29-2015
Originally Posted by mengo:
thank you for the help
Good luck!
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