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nikky 01:30 PM 06-05-2017
I am planning to open a home day care .do I need any early childhood education certification for that or just a license is enough ???
Cat Herder 01:49 PM 06-05-2017
Google your states Child Care Resource and Referral Service (CCR&R). It will have all the links, programs and contacts you need to get up and going.

Each State, region and county can have different regulations.
CityGarden 01:52 PM 06-05-2017
Each state has their own requirements, what state are you in?

Also even if your state does not require early childhood education I highly suggest you take classes in it. I am a credentialed teacher who just opened a home-based program and I am often pulling out old text on early childhood and I am considering getting a masters in Early Childhood because their needs are unique.
bklsmum 01:01 PM 06-06-2017
Welcome to the board!
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