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Daycare and Taxes>Question for Minnesota Providers
Daycare_Mama 07:25 PM 11-21-2010
Can anyone in MN (hopefully twin cities area) recommend a good accountant that you use for your taxes?

I am not happy with the person I have used in the past - I had to show him many of the things I could deduct and he didn't know about time/space percentage and a few other things.

Just trying to think ahead and find someone for my 2010 taxes.

Thanks in advance!!
Abigail 12:05 AM 11-22-2010
You should ask Tom Copeland, he is from that area.
MommyMuffin 05:00 AM 11-22-2010
I am a minnesota provider and I am a new provider. I've research a lot about daycare taxes so that I know at least a little about my deductions ect.

I too am looking for someone to help with my taxes. I got a reference from my food program but when I called I learned that they are 2 1/2 hours away and I was supposed to mail them my tax information. I thought that was silly and I want to be able to sit down with them. I will not drive 2 1/2 hours either.
Anyone know of anyone?
DCMom 07:24 AM 11-22-2010
Here is the link from RCC to find a tax preparer in your state. I hope this helps!

MN Daycare Tax 04:25 AM 01-01-2011
It feels funny recommending myself, but I do daycare taxes in Minnesota (I live in Brooklyn Center). If you have any questions, let me know!

Bill Porter
(763) 202-4444
pridetaxpreparation (at) (The website is a work in progress )
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