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Lil_Angels 08:22 PM 02-28-2011
I don't really understand how CACFP works. Can someone explain it to me better?

I get what it is, but that's it. How do you make claims? How do you signup for it and how do you report use? Do the fund dry up as the year goes on?

Many other questions too, but not sure what to ask.

MyAngels 08:53 PM 02-28-2011
It's been a long time since I signed up, but I believe my licensing rep gave me the names of the two food programs that covered my area, and I just chose one. Mine is the Association for Child Development (I'm in Illinois) but I believe they cover Michigan, too. You could also check with the Child Care Resource and Referral Network if you have that in your area.

The food program will get you in contact with your area rep who will get you signed up with the program and explain their procedures for documenting meals and making claims. I currently use Minute Menu WebKids, which is free through my program, but they also offer paper forms if you want to document and submit that way.

There are two reimbursement rates, Tier I and Tier II, but I'm not sure what they use to determine your rates now. It used to be based on your family income, but I think I read somewhere recently that it may be based somehow on your school district now. All of that will be explained by your rep, once you've signed up with your program.

The funds are available all year. Every now and again there is a delay in reimbursement, but it's usually only a few days to a week at most, and that's rare. I make a claim for the previous month on the 1st, and normally receive reimbursement by direct deposit about three weeks later.

This link may help you:
Lil_Angels 06:03 AM 03-01-2011
Thanks MyAngels. I will give them a call-- hopefully I'll be in a position to answer others' questions in the future.
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