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MG&Lsmom 10:57 AM 03-04-2011
Dcg who was so rude and obnoxious on day 2 is back for day 3. We had to run to my daughter's school today because she forgot her lunch (and due to food allergies couldn't eat what they were serving today). I had 4 kids today, a double stroller for her and my son, the other two are great walkers. I unbuckled her after our trip into the school and went to unbuckle my son and while doing so said "stay seated, we are on a busy road". She bolted from the seat, turned to look at me, and as I'm saying don't move, witha little glimmer in her eye and she runs down the sidewalk and into the road! She's 2.5 and knew exactly what she was doing. I feel stupid for not just putting her directly into the van, but it was only 10 degrees outside and I was trying to get everyone in as fast as I could. She and my son had already sat there while I buckled the other 2 in.

To top it off, she broke 2 toys today by ripping them out of other kids' hands and whipping them across the room. Then she dumped a couple of buckets of toys and refused to pick up. She landed in the highchair in the kitchen while the other played and I made lunch. She ate alone in the kitchen and went right to bed afterwards. She got off her nap mat and jumped on another kid. I don't think I've opened a pnp that fast in my life. She screamed herself asleep in my hallway in the pnp.

Talking to this girls does not help. She tells you she's so funny. "I hit L! That's so funny!" She won't sit in time out. Her behaviors are unsafe and completely unacceptable. This is her first time in a daycare setting and has older siblings that I know she's gotten bad habits from. I know you're going to say terminate, but I just had to get this off my chest. Again. Thanks for reading. I've got a letter to write....
SandeeAR 11:02 AM 03-04-2011
Please tell me you have a 2 week trial period in your contract? If not, I think I would be refunding the 3 days pay and saying adios!
MG&Lsmom 11:57 AM 03-04-2011
Originally Posted by SandeeAR:
Please tell me you have a 2 week trial period in your contract? If not, I think I would be refunding the 3 days pay and saying adios!
yes I do! I technically have a statement in there about violent or harmful behavior which gets immediate termination regardless of the timing (which is totally appropriate here) but otherwise it's written as "can terminate at the end of probation for any reason" She's part time and only scheduled for next Monday and Tuesday. I'll be speaking with mom about the letter I just wrote and giving dcg 2 days to improve or I'll be terminating on Tuesday.

That wording will be changed with the next family I sign on. I don't know why I put it that way to begin with.
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