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Hunni Bee 10:56 PM 09-30-2013
Are the Clorox and scholarship ads there for everyone?

And if not, do I have spyware or something?

I only use my phone to access the forum right now ( no home internet service). How would I handle spyware on my phone?

Please help.
Rachel 10:58 PM 09-30-2013
I see the ads too, so I would guess they are for everyone.
MotherNature 04:52 AM 10-01-2013
I see them too.
Familycare71 04:55 AM 10-01-2013
They are there on mine-
MyAngels 05:37 AM 10-01-2013
There used to be a Penn Foster ad too. I would think that's probably one way for Michael to generate revenue to keep the site running.
Maria2013 05:54 AM 10-01-2013
Originally Posted by MyAngels:
There used to be a Penn Foster ad too.
yup, now we got: "urine has to go"

it's just a little ad, nothing annoying like on some sites
SilverSabre25 06:23 AM 10-01-2013
I have them too.
momofboys 06:24 AM 10-01-2013
Me too, I see a clorox ad & one for some college
Crazy8 07:00 AM 10-01-2013
yes, just noticing them today too. I think because they are big square ads - usually they are longer/thinner and go across screen. Lots of plain grey up top now, looks strange. Had to laugh at "is your #1 bathroom problem the smell of #1" - cause it totally is here!!!!!!
Hunni Bee 01:49 PM 10-01-2013
Okay just wanted to make sure I didn't have spyware, because the last time somebody said they had ads showing Michael said it was not affiliated with
Michael 03:27 PM 10-01-2013
Yes, I placed them. I had mentioned previously that there are companies that are looking to promote their products here. I am choosing only those that are daycare related and may be of service to our childcare needs.

We also put together a Product Review Board of several of our forum members. I just sent out a product to them for their review. I think providers having a voice will help to make these products better suited for our daycare needs.
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