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Josiegirl 11:05 AM 03-08-2015
With 2 dcms pregnant and 1 dcf that needs care for their twins starting end of August, I have a dilemma. Obviously I have to turn someone down. The twins will be 1 yo by then and I love starting that age. Plus it'd be an instant transition so no time of open slots with no pay. I told dcm of twins I would like to take hers if possible and she was thrilled to pieces. I'm happy about my decision. I've already talked with the dcm who just barely found out she's pregnant. There's only one I haven't said anything to. I just wrote her an email and would like to run it by you all to see what you think. I'm not so great with words.

Dear Dcm,
I've been thinking long and hard about available spaces in my daycare in the fall. It seems like there will be a big change with some of the children going to full day school. I am only allowed 2 children under 2 years of age at any one time. And I need to keep my enrollment as full as possible to make it financially feasible. Looking at every possible solution, I have come to the conclusion I won't have an open space until the summer of 2016. If you are still interested in child care then, we can certainly revisit your family's needs.
Josiegirl 03:22 PM 03-08-2015
Well, I sent it after tweaking a bit so hope it goes okay.
jenboo 05:55 PM 03-08-2015
Sounds good to me
spinnymarie 06:34 PM 03-08-2015
I'm sure she will understand.
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