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Unregistered 02:55 PM 04-05-2021
I'm logged out for obvious reasons.

My neighbor and I don't see eye to eye on a lot. We live "out" in the woods. He has decided to let his dog roam free. The dog has peed at one of my doors twice, approached customers (with an infant in her arms) and been at my fenced area barking at the kids. I've pointed this out to him and asked him several times to control his dog and keep it off my property. He suggests I just tell the dog to go home. I don't know the dog, don't like dogs approaching my customers, and am concerned about the liability.

Would you tell licensing? Call animal control? What? I'm at a loss. I'm dealing with a volatile person.

Thanks for your input.
CountryRoads 04:15 PM 04-05-2021
I totally empathize with you.

We had the same problem. Neighbors dog was coming over and peeing on dcp tires, pooping in on our property in front of dcp, running in front of their vehicles. We realized we needed to fence our property, but it's too expensive. I'm thinking you may have the same issue?

I'd yell at the dog every time she came over. Tell her to go home and to get out of here. Thankfully, she figured out she wasn't welcome here and we haven't had many issues. She occasionally wanders over here, but yelling at her once is enough.

We would've gotten the bb gun out if yelling at her didn't work.

I'm not sure how laws work for that kind of thing, but if he could get cited then I'd definitely call. I have no tolerance for irresponsible pet owners.
Gemma 04:44 PM 04-05-2021
I doubt Licensing has any rights when it comes to your neighbor's (unlicensed people) dog.
I would tell my neighbor for the last time, keep your dog confined to your property, or I will be forced to call animal control....and then I would make that call
Blackcat31 06:51 PM 04-05-2021
Licensing probably can’t help but your county board members (if outside city limits) can and if not, the Sheriff can

Usually part of the Sheriff’s duty is to deal with civil issues.
Josiegirl 04:50 AM 04-06-2021
I don't have any answers but am sorry to hear you're having those issues. We have dogs all over our neighborhood and unfortunately there are a couple neighbors that allow theirs to place deposits on my neighbor's yard. Can't go anywhere over there without stepping in dog poop.

Then one of my sister's neighbors walks her little Boston Terrior and 2 dogs came running out of nowhere, attacked her dog which required surgery and costly vet bills. New neighbors and they even warned her after the attack to not let her dog run around (which SHE doesn't!! But they do!) because the new dogs would continue to attack. WTH???

It's so sad because every owner should be responsible for their own dogs.

And if you're dealing with a volatile neighbor, it's all the worse.
Jo123ABC 12:52 PM 04-06-2021
Shoot that sucker with the garden hose and yell like a banshee every time it comes near. This was an issue at my house when I first moved in (along with neighbor kids wandering over) but I fenced in my backyard I don't know what I would do if it was a front yard issue as well. My neighbor's child still wanders over during the day especially in the summer when school is out. I'm afraid licensing is going to get me for that but what can I do? His family has a history of mental illness and I don't want to put myself anywhere in the vicinity of their radar. If I ever did have a real front yard issue I'd probably fence that in too. Right now he listens when I tell him he needs to go home and leave the kids here be. Maybe there's a repellent of some kind you can use along the fence line to keep the dog back?
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