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Doodlebug 01:28 PM 09-23-2011
I have a two year old who is biting and I've tried everything I can think of. She is a child with a feisty temperament. Her parents are the nicest people and are just as worried and frustrated and I am. The child is biting one other child in my daycare consistently. She can get mad for any reason and bites. Then she will bite for no reason too, seems like just to do it.

I've tried shadowing her, keeping her with me, talking her through her anger, talking to her about what appropriate behavior, I've asked her to yell really loud, run away, come get me, anything but bite. I've tried giving the "victim" a popsicle to put on the owie and then eat it in front of her, and too many more options to write here. She is verbal and is capable of talking instead of physically lashing out.

I need more suggestions. This has to stop because the parent of the little girl she is biting was understanding at first, but its happened 3 times this week already, everything from a big bite mark to little bruising scratches.

Unregistered 01:40 PM 09-23-2011
We had that problem a few years ago with a little boy and the only thing that worked was giving him a teether on a necklace. . . weird I know but it was the only thing that stopped it! As soon as he would get there he would take it out of his cubby and put it on and when he got mad he would just grab it and bite! Gook Luck!
Michael 02:01 PM 09-23-2011
We have a large thread on Biting:
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