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countrymom 12:55 PM 05-15-2012
dcb is almost 4 (next week) he was telling me how he locks the door on his bedroom so his brother doesn't take his movies (older brother is challenge, but globally delayed) apparently he loves to lock himself in his room.

so I told him that what happens if there is a fire (they have a 2 storey house and only a small window to escape) how is he going to get out, and like any kid he told me he was strong and would knock down the door.

I was blunt and told him that he has to stop locking the door, because if there is a fire then he would be stuck in his room and that he can die because he can't get out. This is my biggest fear, kids getting locked in there rooms. And yes it actually locks, his parents are morons. I need to point this out to them today, before and accident happens. Makes me so mad that this is preventable.
Heidi 01:11 PM 05-15-2012
You mean locks with a key or just locks with a button?

Most doors that lock with a button can still be opened from the inside with a turn of the knob, or at least with a click and then turn.

If it where a lock-and-key, I'd be more worried, but even then, it could be left in the door inside. Not ideal, I agree....

Maybe a fire safety unit where you practice drills, then encourage the families to do the same as "homework"? Tell them whoever brings it back gets a secret prize?

Maybe create a worksheet:

Our family's safety plan:

We are the __________________ family. We have ________ people in our family, named _____________ ______________ ___________ __________.

If the fire alarms go off, we GET OUT!

Our meeting spot is:_________________

When we practiced, it took us ________________ seconds to get there.

If you have tornadoes or severe storms, you could add:

When a big storm comes, we go to ______________________. When we practiced, it took us _________________ seconds to get there.

You could probably come up with a couple other things for the sheet, and lend them a stop-watch if you have one?

Get a couple annuals, pot them in a cheap clay pot, stick a few lillipops around it (enough for each kid or family member), and give that as the "prize".

What do you think?
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