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SilverSabre25 10:06 AM 01-31-2014
with the 20mo dcb. He's started pinching, pushing, and pulling on the 10mo dcg. I'm keeping them separated now, but it's really annoying and frustrating. He doesn't do it out of anger....he just wanders blankly up to her and hurts her and then stares blankly at her or me as she cries. And yesterday I heard a ripping sound and found that he was CHEWING the cover off a board book! He chewed a HOLE in the spine! He never used to put toys in his mouth but he's doing it constantly these days. He shrieks with anger and cries for more than a minute at the least provocation (a two year old pointed at him and said, "NO!" yesterday and you would have thought someone ripped his arm off)

he also tends to not get enough sleep when he's with Dad (half time now...and they have the most annoying custody schedule....). And keeps coming home from dad's sick.

Right now it's just before lunchtime and he's sitting in the middle of the floor falling asleep sitting up.
Cat Herder 10:10 AM 01-31-2014
Is he still on a two nap a day routine with you?
SilverSabre25 10:12 AM 01-31-2014
No, he's done one nap a day for a very long time. for some reason my kiddos all quickly default to one long midday nap.

though now that you mention it, for long time his nap was 3+ hours and lately we're struggling to get 1.5+. He may be having a language leap though.
Cat Herder 10:15 AM 01-31-2014
Originally Posted by SilverSabre25:
No, he's done one nap a day for a very long time. for some reason my kiddos all quickly default to one long midday nap.
Is it possible to give him a quiet area for a short am nap on Dads days until he gets past this moody phase?

My head is saying growth spurt, sleep deprivation or just frustration with his homelife chaos... Are you seeing any other signs of those?

Edit: I did not see your second sentence, that makes sense, too.
daycarediva 10:34 AM 01-31-2014
Frustrating! I would put him down at arrival or right after breakfast, depending on what would work in your schedule. Maybe if he was rested he would be less prone to screaming.

Divorce is so hard on kids. My dcb is going through it (last 6 months of ZERO consistency with schedule and routine) some days he comes and falls asleep at circle time, I woke him from a 3 hour nap yesterday after a 1 hr morning nap (used to take 1.5-2 in pm only). Also shoving and yelling. He's 3. Sad.
SilverSabre25 12:42 PM 01-31-2014
I think I like the idea of trying to lay him down for a short AM nap on Dad days. I will try that.

I may also start keeping a log (for my own info) of things like behavior, sleepiness, and what clothes he comes in (he's the subject of the "poor, uncomfortable toddler" thread), as well as whose house he was at the night before to see if there are any patterns.

Beyond that, He's always been somewhat tempermental and sensitive, prone to the screeching, etc. Mom has made a couple remarks/observations to me lately that corroborate things I was thinking--like how easily he gets angry and how often the boys come home from Dad's sick, so I know it's not just me.
Cat Herder 12:45 PM 01-31-2014
Does he have any newish step siblings at Dad's house?

Newly blended family issues are rough on littles...
SilverSabre25 12:47 PM 01-31-2014
No, he doesn't. It's 20mo dcb and his 5 yo brother. Divorce is pretty recent (I forget when they separated...sometime last summer maybe? And was finalized earlier this month, like last week).
Cat Herder 12:56 PM 01-31-2014
OK, was just thinking out loud.

I remember some pretty big behavioral changes (short lived) when my EX started having the kids room with his GF's kids back in the day.... My oldest was also about 2 at the time.

The divorce is just the beginning....

Hope little man comes out of this quick.
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