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Cat Herder 10:31 AM 08-27-2014
I was doing math reviews on Khans for fun (use it don't lose it ) and decided to check out the Early Childhood Development options. There are a lot of sections...

Freud, Erickson, Vygotsky, Kohlberg, it is all there. Free.

I am sure there is so much more I have not found yet. Have you checked it out??
craftymissbeth 10:47 AM 08-27-2014
I'm checking it out now. Thanks, CH! They even have computer programming. Woohoo! And goodness knows I need to brush up on my Algebra.
Angelsj 12:31 PM 08-27-2014
As home schoolers we use a ton! Love it!
KBCsMommy 01:58 PM 08-27-2014
I Sal Khan!! The guy seriously saved my grade in my economics and statistics classes in college.

Anytime my dd's need help with math....Well let's see what Sal Khan has to say!!

I will have to check out the Early Childhood stuff!
NightOwl 02:02 PM 08-27-2014
My 12 year old had to register with this program for a math class at school. I'm gonna check it out...
AmyKidsCo 02:23 PM 08-27-2014
I've browsed it but don't have enough time to really check it out. Someday...
MarinaVanessa 05:34 PM 08-27-2014
Oh this is going to be so helpful. Once I finish my child development classes and get my certificate I figured I could get my AA. All I'm missing are an English and my Math since I took the other core classes after high school. I'm terrible at math though and this Khan website will help me learn everything before I even have to take the class. I had heard of this site before but I had forgotten! Thanks for posting!!
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