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Unregistered 01:40 PM 01-19-2018
Help! I have a 9 month old DCG who does nothing but whine CONSTANTLY! Even when she is fed, clean, and rested. Shes never really cries but its just a continuous ehhh ehhh eh eh all day long and its making me bonkers! Shes so young. I think she wants to be held all day but thats just not doable. Ive put her in her own safe space with things to play with and she still does it. The only time she isnt whining is when she has a bottle in her mouth or is sleeping. Am I just waiting for her to outgrow this? Should I invest in earplugs?? If you have any tips, my sanity would appreciate it.
Michael 02:48 PM 01-19-2018
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Cat Herder 02:51 PM 01-19-2018
Is she meeting all her milestones?

Continuous babbling and separation anxiety are hallmarks of this age.
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