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dEHmom 09:13 AM 01-19-2011
Ok, so I'm sure some of you have already done this but I just discovered it. Maybe I even mentioned it on one of the threads too, but I can't remember.

Plain or Vanilla yogurt

add granola, fruit, oreo baking crumbs (that's for me not the kids), or anything else you can think of that you might want to put in.

Serve this to the kids for snacks.
For my daughter I bought granola with raspberries and blueberries, spooned some yogurt into a container, then put the granola with berries on, then more yogurt and then a sprinkle of the oreo crumbs.
She was so sick of yogurts, granola bars, fruit cups, carrots, celery etc in her lunch bag she just never eats it. She brings home everything I give her for school lunch, but she loves this! it's sort of like a parfait.
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