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tenderhearts 04:54 PM 01-22-2020
So since I have been closed for so many months, I have had a lot of time to rethink things, redo things to make things better therefore that puts more questions out there.
I started last year the ASQ surveys, did the first one about a month before I closed. I completed the survey but have since learned that parents should fill this out so my question is how do you approach parents with this and how do they bring the survey back to you and how do you go over it with your parents? Do you offer to do the survey or do you just have them do?
flying_babyb 04:57 PM 01-22-2020
We do a parent teacher conference. I sit down and go over the questions with the parents, which gives me time to share any concerns i have or that they have. we then talk about a goal or two for the child. That way I get the surveys filled out.
Cat Herder 05:27 PM 01-22-2020
I send them home with each child every three months minus the scoring page. I score them myself. I use the results for lesson planning and scheduling conferences to make referrals.

If I have a parent who consistently overscores or underscores, I also complete one for my lesson plans/referrals. IME, Some parents believe their average children are geniuses and others believe their advanced children are below average. I have found this usually falls in line with how they view themselves. I don't discuss the disparity in scoring because it is irrelevant in the long run.

I do parent conferences for typical development twice per year. I like to have them back before the conference so I can plan for and direct the discussion.
tenderhearts 05:45 PM 01-22-2020
So when you hand out the questionnaire minus the scoring sheet, do you just score it and return it to them with the score if everything seems good and only set up a conference if something is not right?
Cat Herder 02:34 AM 01-23-2020
Originally Posted by tenderhearts:
So when you hand out the questionnaire minus the scoring sheet, do you just score it and return it to them with the score if everything seems good and only set up a conference if something is not right?
No. I keep them in their file to review over time (just like immunization forms and doctors notes). Scoring a bit low in one section on one form would not worry me, it is the consistent low scores in different areas or regressions I am watching for. I keep children's records for 5 years, minimum. Parents can request copies at any time. You would be surprised at how helpful they can be in elementary school if they are requested for review.

I set up a conference if I feel they should be further evaluated, the parent fills in the "I have a concern section" or if I need help working on a specific behavior. Other than that, my standard conferences are twice per year scheduled before or after daycare.
tenderhearts 08:26 AM 01-23-2020
Thank you! How do you address it with parents? Last year the first time I did it I did the questionnaire and just told them what it was ect then gave them a copy of the survey with the results and since have learned that it's best if parents complete. How long do you give them a week?
Cat Herder 08:43 AM 01-23-2020
I have a form they sign during enrollment that explains it, I will copy below so you can copy/paste what works for you. It asks permission and explains your goals, no one has refused all really like it so far. I send them home on Fridays then give them the return date of the next Friday since they get longer and more in-depth as the children age. It is pretty common for them to come back the very first Monday, though, as most do it over the weekend to keep from forgetting all about it.

"Developmental Screening Consent Form
________ Childcare and Preschool

The first five years of life are very important to your child because this time sets the stage for success in school and later life. During infancy and early childhood, many experiences should be gained and many skills learned. It is important to ensure that each child’s development is proceeding without problem during this period; therefore, I am interested in helping you monitor your child’s growth and development.

_______ Childcare and Preschool uses the Ages and Stages Questionnaires, (ASQ-TM) to assist families in monitoring the development of their children, providing an opportunity to view how children are coming along developmentally and behaviorally, and to provide parents suggestions about addressing any difficulties children are experiencing. The five areas of development that are addressed by the ASQ questionnaire are communication, gross motor, fine motor, personal/social and problem solving. The questionnaires, which are filled out by family members at home, ask questions about some things your child can and cannot do.

The questionnaires are completed and turned in within the first 30 days of enrollment and every 3 months thereafter. If a completed questionnaire is not completed by a family member and sent back into school within this time period then the screening will be completed by a member of the teaching staff. The administrator of _____ Childcare and Preschool will score the questionnaires and information related to the screening results will be confidential and shared only with parents/guardians.

The screening process is an important first step of ongoing observations and assessment. Screening does not provide enough information to identify children as having a developmental problem or needing special services. Screening determines if further evaluation may be necessary. Early intervention is key in helping students achieve their potential, as a young child’s learning is at its peak during the earliest years. Based on the results of the screening, it is always in the child’s best interest to obtain a more in-depth evaluation, if family members or staff have a concern.

The screening process promotes and supports parents’ and teachers’ understanding of a child’s health, development, and learning. Any help that can be given early is more effective than help given later. If the completed questionnaire indicates that your child is developing without problems, I will send an email stating that your child’s development appears typical. If there are concerns about your child, I will contact you directly.

Referrals are recommended if performance on the ASQ indicates a possible developmental delay. The administrator of any preschool, a teacher, or a parent/guardian can make referrals. A parent/guardian has the right to refuse to accept a referral for assistance if the child is identified as having a possible delay. The recommended referral criteria are based on the following:

- refer a child whose score in one or more areas is below the established cutoff point (i.e.2 standard deviations below the mean) for that questionnaire interval-follow up with a child whose score in a particular area is close to the cut-off point.

- follow up with a child whose scores are above the cutoff points for each area but whose parent has indicated a concern in the overall section of the questionnaire.

Referrals for children ages birth to 3 years of age, if needed, are made within 90 days of completed screening to:

1. Primary Health Care Provider, 2. _(your states free service for infants/toddlers__________

Referrals for children ages 3 years of age and older, if needed, are made within 90 days of completed screening to both:

1. Primary Health Care Provider, 2. Supervisor of Special Services of school district where child resides

* I have read the description of this free screening process and give my consent for participation.

Parent/Guardian’s signature_______________________ Date__________________

Child’s Name________________________ Child’s Birthdate __________________

Child’s Primary Physician__________________

You have been given two copies of this screening information and consent. Please sign and return one and keep one for your records. Thanks in advance."
tenderhearts 09:48 AM 01-23-2020
Wow that's great I like that, thank you for sharing.
Cat Herder 10:01 AM 01-23-2020
You are very welcome. Anytime
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