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LeslieG 01:25 PM 02-12-2020
We have a 20 month old dcb who is a screamer throughout the day. He screams when he's happy, excited, upset, etc. What makes it worse, is that it's extremely high-pitched! Sometimes we put his pacifier in his mouth to try to limit the screaming, but it doesn't really help.

Anyway, the problem is during naptime. He shares a room with a 2 year old dcb, who is a great napper, unless it's on a day when the screamer is here (he's here 3/days per week). He always wakes up the 2 year old early, and often is so loud that he wakes up the nappers in the other room.

He does not respond to us going in to tell him "no screaming", because the second we shut the door, he is screaming again!... also let me clarify, the screaming at naptime is not because he's upset. This screaming is his way of "talking" or something... idk!

Any ideas on how to get him to stop?
Ariana 03:40 PM 02-12-2020
He needs an assessment, I would not consider this normal behaviour. Is he meeting all of his milestones?
Unregistered 10:51 AM 02-13-2020
I had a 2 year old boy very similar! Parents refused to see a doctor in fear that he would actually be on the spectrum and they didn't want the stigma. I termed them because of his aggression. But I know they still struggle at home daily.. termining them has made my life sooo much easier !
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