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DCMomOf3 07:43 AM 03-10-2011
I plan to sell most of my daycare things when I close. I plan to have a garage sale and some of my daycare friends want me to send them a list of everything I am getting rid of in case they want to buy anything from me.

I have no idea how to go about pricing things. Some things I got at garage sales, some I bought full price. Is there a rule of thumb for this? I would like to regain as much as I can, obviously, but don't want to price too high where no one will pay.
dEHmom 07:57 AM 03-10-2011
i know what you mean!

If you are looking for more than a few dollars per item and such, it's better to place on an online community like craigs list or something. They did a study and showed it on the news that that's where you make much better money for items, because garage sales most people aren't going to spend more than a few bucks.

You have to think fair prices. If something is like new, and only a few months old, if you paid $30 for it, ask $20 obo. etc. If it's a few years old, $5 bucks. Gotta think depreciation. What would a brand new one cost in the store, etc.
daycare 08:21 AM 03-10-2011
I was once told that if you can gain at least 25% of what you paid for it in a garage sale you are doing great...

Of course the more popular the item the chances are you can sell it for higher price, or how new the item is.

I have always had a lot of luck selling things on craigs list at a higher price than a garage sale. The only thing with that is that it is time consuming.

Wish I was close by, I could use some new
MyAngels 08:29 AM 03-10-2011
I would probably do some research to see what others are asking for similar items on Cragislist, Ebay and the like, then price accordingly. You can always price a little high and accept best offers as well.
AfterSchoolMom 10:14 AM 03-10-2011
You'll definitely have more luck on Craigslist. Selling at a garage sale or at a consignment store won't get you a fraction of what you paid.

Don't underprice big ticket items (cribs, PnP's, highchairs, etc.), especially if they're newer. The better they look, the more you can ask. If any stickers are peeling off or if any parts are missing, don't expect to ask much more than $5-$15.

Research the highest and lowest prices asked on Craigslist for certain items, and go somewhere in the middle if you want to make the most money possible, or stick to the lower end if you want to sell quickly.

Good luck!
dEHmom 10:17 AM 03-10-2011
also remember everyone low balls too. So if you are willing to take $50 the lowest price $65 or $70 OBO
DCMomOf3 10:30 AM 03-10-2011
thanks everyone. I really don't like garage saling. LOL I prefer to donate what I don't need but in this case, it's just too much to donate it all.

I will check craigslist and see if i can price things. I think I'll email my daycare friends in the area with those prices first, maybe i can unload most of my things and not have to have a garage sale at all.
Blackcat31 10:33 AM 03-10-2011
I usually put a value on the whole lot, donate it to the local Goodwill store and they give me a receipt for that amount to use on my taxes....
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