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newbaby90908 08:33 AM 06-01-2015

This is my first post I previously began the licensing process in a leased space and with one State inspection left till licensing and 15k later, I had to take the landlord to court and decided not to move forward in that location.

Now, I am at it again and looking at two options:

1) Purchasing a building that is about 3300 square feet with two bathrooms and no food prep area, but has lots of parking and an area I can convert to a play space.

2) Purchasing a 2700 house to convert into daycare center. It has 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 kitchens, and sits on a half acre - so there is lots of play space.

I am leaning toward the house purchase, but unsure about the requirements - will it be all the same or what steps should I take first to make sure I can license the house as a center?

Also, I struggled with balancing State and Local licensing requirements previously - I was thinking of getting through all the state requirements first before starting with the local this time around - your thoughts???

Any help is greatly appreciated..

Unregistered 02:53 PM 06-01-2015
Have you checked with your city if the housed is zoned for a business. I've known people who have run into that and were denied. My state requires towns and cities to allow for family child care. Group care is a different thing. It's not allowed in residential areas here.
Sugar Magnolia 03:16 AM 06-03-2015
I have done a residential conversion to a licensed center. I can help, this is in my wheelhouse!
Its a super long answer, so PM me if you'd like.
newbaby90908 09:11 AM 06-03-2015
Thank you both so much for your answers.
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