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themoorethemerrier 05:57 PM 10-27-2011
Tell me about it!
Michael 05:59 PM 10-27-2011
daycare 06:08 PM 10-27-2011
just type it into google. they used to offer a 30 day free trial...
themoorethemerrier 06:21 PM 10-27-2011
Thanks, Michael!

I signed up for the free trial.

It took me awhile to find out what the MMK meant. I actually thought it was going to be a ready made menu plan. Guess not.
daycare 06:23 PM 10-27-2011
its not just for the food menus, it has many great things in it.
like daily report sheets..I don't print them out. But when a child has an accident or incident, I write in it. I love this about it

PLUS the accounting aspects on it are wonderful. Helps you break everything down at the end of the day the correct way so that when you file your taxes its soooooo easy.
Mrs. CC 07:41 AM 11-01-2011
I am in the 30 day trial and am LOVING it. If i hadn't put myself on a budget (and already spent my allocation for November) I would buy it RIGHT NOW. But am doing the responsible thing and using my trail till it is over.

I have already informed my parents that next month we will be able to offer epay and invoicing with a $1 charge per transaction and they are EXCITED!

I love that it appears I am making HUGE improvements but on my end it is actually very easy!
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