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BabySteps 03:47 PM 02-04-2012
I have an Infants Only daycare ages 6 weeks to 2 years old. I began my daycare in 2004 after working in Daycare Centers for a few years and not liking the treatment of the kids there.

I do have a question... I don't have much room and was wondering if there was some type of storage for exersaucers, swings, and other big type of infant equipment after the infants grow out of them? Right now I have them in the corners of the bedroom I use for naptime, and it's looking more like a storage room than a bedroom... so I thought I would ask other daycare providers what they might do?


AfterSchoolMom 04:41 AM 02-05-2012
Hi and welcome!

Not too many people post here on the weekends - it's much more active during the week.

When babies outgrow equipment here, I just store mine in my attic. Do you have an attic or basement space, or even a spare closet where you can stash them? Could you invest in a storage shed for outside? (Though if you do that, I'd wrap everything in plastic bags first to keep out moisture and bugs.)
BabySteps 03:18 PM 02-06-2012
Thanks for the welcome!

No, we don't have an attic. We live in a small Twin Home 2 bedrooms up and 1 down. I really want to move so we do have more room for everything. I wasn't sure if there was some type of storage thing that I didn't know of for those things that are big and bulky after infants grow out of them.


Michael 03:54 PM 02-06-2012
Welcome to the Forum! I've upgraded your status. You can post freely now.
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