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Unregistered 08:26 AM 03-27-2012
Hello everyone I am a new member. I have a licensed daycare in KS been in business for about 3 years now. I have an issue any suggestions would be so appreciated. Thanks

I have a family that started with me as FT M-Fri 7:30-5:15 back in August of 2011. I charge $170 wk for 2 kids ($17 a day each child), the mom is now needing part time care and I don't know what i should charge her. It puts be in a bind seeing how i will be losing the money but also hurts cause their would be no way for me to fill these spots when they are not here. She is needing care M, Wed, Thurs 7:30 to 5:15 not a lot of people needing care just on Tues and Friday's. I was thinking of charging $22 a kid for 3 days that's $132 a wk for 3 days compared to $170 for FT is that fair. it's $5 less a day then my FT families pay. I have researched a little and seen that some people charge there PT families at a little higher rate to make it even out in the end is this correct.

Any advice would be great and also little background on the family they are not my favorites lol I have thought very hard several times about terminating them, they are usually not always but usually late on paying me, they have brought kids to me sick and blame it on teething a lot only to find out that the baby has a double ear infection. The dad actually got an attitude and went off on me when he found out he had to pay me for a holiday, he said he wasn't aware he paid me for my days off!. I just had to remind him yes I get paid for holidays it's in the contract and you and your wife have a list of the holidays. Since then its been fun dealing with him.

So that has really ticked me off and now this I don't have a clue what to charge or if I should just terminate. But any advice would be great. Thanks
Michael 10:26 AM 03-27-2012
Welcome, you need to register. Here are some threads on Part Time Rates:
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