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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Opening a Daycare Center?
ksmith 11:15 PM 03-19-2013
I've scoured the forum, but haven't found much info on actually opening a daycare center (as opposed to a home daycare). I just would like to chat with people who have done it, to get an idea of what I could be getting myself into, as well as just experiences. So who here has done it? Best advice?
Sugar Magnolia 03:37 AM 03-20-2013
I have opened a center. My best advice is to get a copy of your city or county zoning code and read it cover to cover BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING. Then, get a copy of your states rules and regulations governing daycare and read it cover to cover. Are you qualified to be a Director? If not, hiring one can be very expensive. There are many many many factors involved in opening a daycare. You can pm me if you'd like. Hope that helps. Welcome to the forum!
ksmith 05:35 AM 03-20-2013
Thanks Magnolia, and thanks for the advice! I do not currently qualify to be a director, but we are a few years out, so I have some time to take the few classes that I need.
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