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uno 06:43 PM 09-14-2008
What type of insurance do you guys (family daycare providers) have?
I was wondering due to I am not married so I can't utilize my S.O.'s insurance. So what options are available and about how much does it cost?Oh, something else to throw into the mix, is it worth it to pay for your own insurance as a business owner?
So many questions...arghhhh.
As always, any and all in put is appreciated.

oh, and plz feel free to comment on my previous thread....
myschoolinsurance 09:25 AM 09-17-2008
Dear Uno,

Generally speaking, you'll need a commercial liability package, workers' comp, and student accident coverage. There are several nuances to obtaining the "right insurance" for a center and we'd love to help.

Best wishes to you and take care!
myschoolinsurance 09:28 AM 09-17-2008
By the way, we currently write in California, Nevada, and Arizona.

We'll be at the PACE Convention in October and the American Montessori Society Conference in November.
uno 11:22 AM 09-18-2008
thank you for the input; kinda thought I was out here alone.
if you have any info or referrals for iowa, i'd appreciate it.
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