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MarinaVanessa 02:21 PM 07-26-2011
Another thread got me thinking about the the new code and so when my food program rep called me today (I had an issue with saving my meals on minute menu) I took the opportunity to ask about it

CA Health & Safety Code Section 1596.808 - Healthy Beverages in Child Care

She confirmed what was discussed in the other food program post from today about how water being readily available meant that any time that a child asked for water you can provide it and that it did not mean that the child had to be able to serve him/her self.

She also said that if a DCP requested a varience of the milk, water or sugary drink the only way for the child's meals to count would be to have a written physicians note and they recommended a written note from the parent but that a note from the parent was not necessary, only the Dr's note is required.

If the parent does not provide the necessary Dr's note and requests for you to serve something other than what the regulation states the parent can opt out of the program but none of their meals will count. She recommended that if this happened to require the parent to provide their own sack lunch.

I was also told that they would get more information about the whole thing in general in October and that there were talks about the code's effect date of January 1, 2012 being pushed back to summer. She said that they are already getting calls from provider's saying that they also already have upset DCP's about the milk portion of it. Parent's are even calling them directly. They have had to explain to the parents that the food program has nothing to do with the creation of the code since the food program is federal and the code is state but that in CA the food program has to accomodate it because it is a state regulation.

She did point out to me that the Dr's note was a way to get around the issue with the food program but that she did not know if it would work with licensing. In other words I had to check with licensing to see if they had different requirements for parents requesting a varience. This is my next step, just waiting for a call back from licensing .
sharlan 05:17 PM 07-27-2011
Good luck with the call back.

I'm not on the food program, so both of my parents are going to provide the kids' milk and chocolate. We often have hot chocolate in the morning.
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