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Unregistered 08:58 AM 09-14-2009
I'm getting my ducks in a row to start my daycare in my home and am trying to put together my manual for parents. What do you all include in yours? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
tymaboy 10:52 AM 09-14-2009
The more you put in the less loop holes the parents find to take advantage of you. I include

Enrollment requirements( what paper work is needed)
Hours of operation
Matters of money
*State Aide
*Registration Fee
*Holding fee
*Late payment fee
*Inconvience Fee (late pickup/drop off, etc.)
*Return check fee
*No show fee
Releasing of the child
Arrivals & departures
Meal times
Illness policy (both your illness & the child illness)
Mandate reporter
Emergency drills
Termination Policy (pretty much says that you can terminate with out notice if need be)

I think that is about it. Others may have something else to add that I do not have listed here.

I have a contract that they sign plus I have them sign the policy stating that they have read it & understand it.
kitkat 11:48 AM 09-14-2009
If you are planning on doing field trips, you might want to include a general statement about that. Also might want to include something about transportation, if you will be doing any of that.
tinytotzdaycare 09:20 AM 09-27-2009
Anyone interested in a copy of my extensive contract for ideas, let me know and I will email it you. It includes illness policy and all Iowa dhs rules and regulations, so you may need to alter it some for your state.

It also includes a picture, ad, and website authorization and much more!
Unregistered 12:11 PM 09-28-2009
My e-mail is opie103@hotmail.Com. Thanks!!
Unregistered 06:20 AM 09-29-2009

seashell 08:24 AM 09-30-2009
My forms and manual are posted on my website. Feel free to use any parts you would like.
tinytotzdaycare 02:03 PM 09-30-2009
I apologize, I just noticed that some of you had posted your email, I will get the contract emailed to you this evening. Also there are a few sites I use for forms, then alter it to fit my needs! I will post them on here later for all to use! =)
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