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abigailrw5 06:32 PM 10-25-2011
Hi I'm new to the forum. I have had my daycare open for almost 4 months now. The kids I nannied for were my first daycare kids. Then I started interviewing and was anxious about getting families. I have a good contract but I stretched some rules for this family. I docked weekly pay by $7.00 a week and agreed to some occasional later pick up times(I close at 5:15 but they need 6:30 about once a week.) I don't charge for the later pick up times because she said her last dcp did not charge her. I don't like working overtime and supplying his dinner. She is pregnant and I can't decide if i should just wait untill there are two kids and say i have to start charging for late pick up or now. I don't really mind the late time occasionally but really think i should be paid for it. Any advice?
misspollywog 07:06 PM 10-25-2011
You should be compensated and I would approach NOW rather than later. Explain to her that the cost of feeding him dinner and your time is worth X amount of money and if you break the rules for her, you'd have to do it for everyone.

I'm sure she'll understand. Good luck, I've learned quickly to get my backbone (thanks to this awesome forum!).
Michael 07:09 PM 10-25-2011
Welcome to the Forum! I've upgraded your status. You can post freely now.

Here are a couple links with posts that relate to late pick up and late pick up fees:
cheerfuldom 07:37 PM 10-25-2011
always take care of things immediately. it doesn't matter what her other provider did (she might be lying too) or what any other provider does. if it doesn't work for you then it doesn't work. you don't have to justify yourself or convince parents to agree with you. you decide your program rules and they take it or leave it.
MommieNana4 04:50 AM 10-26-2011
Do not work for free. Charge her for the late pick up. Tell her now.
Meeko 07:58 AM 10-26-2011
I see the fact that you nannied for them as the big red flag.

They employed you. You did as THEY wished. THEY were in charge.

Now it's hard for them to understand that the dynamic has changes and YOU are the one making the rules. In their mind...nothing has changed. They still think you work for them.
abigailrw5 10:21 AM 10-26-2011
Thanks for telling me to talk to her about charging for the overtime. I did and it went well. I think she understands. I just needed an extra push to do it! It feels great to know all it takes is to talk to her. Thanks again!
B Lou 10:36 AM 10-26-2011
Take it from someone who has been there. Yes it's only one day a week and only one child (for now) but if you let this one slide then she will expect you to let the next thing slide as well. And the next and the next. She is taking advantage of you and you are allowing her to. It took me several times and a good jumbing on from a good friend that does daycare as well, to make me see the light. The more we allow our DCP to get away with things the more they will expect it. Talk to her now and just expain that you are already giving her a break of $7.00 a week, you need to have her either pick up on time or you will need to charge her. Good luck.
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