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Cozy_Kids_Childcare 07:09 PM 07-18-2012
I made a big mistake! After terming two families within 45 days of each other back in September/October of last year I decided that I would hold off adding any additional kids until after the first of the year. Well it took me till March to finally get someone in here. I was excited to just have the business that I told her that I would only charge for the days she was here and I did not do a contract. I really messed up there.

A few weeks ago she text me at 10pm on a Sunday to tell me that the baby wouldn't be here at all that week. Oh yeah did I fail to say that she pays me at the end of the week for that week of care. The baby started the end of March and has only been here two full weeks since. She will tell me that oh grandma is coming and going to watch her these two days. Then something will happen and dad will end up with her another day. I have put myself in a pickle. I have decided to go back to my handbook and contract starting the day after Labor Day. This same mom got mad because i didn't tell her that I had another FT baby starting in May. One of my previous co-workers had a baby in march and she already had a provider setup well that provider decided to close her daycare and left her stuck and looking for care a week before she was to go back to work. I live 2 miles from her work so I agreed to take her. I really didn't feel like it was any of the other clients business. She didn't say anything until the following week when she came in and I was holding my friends baby (feeding her) and she just looked down and said "Oh is this permanent".

I'm also in the process of getting licensed. In Va you can have 4 under the age of 23 months and not be licensed. When i told this mom that I was doing this she freaked because she thought I was trying to take on other kids. Although, she is a very sweet lady and her baby is really good. She just hasn't hit that learning curve yet. This is her first baby. She wants to stay home with her and has told me this several times in the last few weeks. It is mainly because of this lady that I am redoing my contract and handbook to make it as fair, but strict as possible and I am going to stick to my guns. Any advise on what I should put in my handbook would be great.
Michael 10:16 PM 07-18-2012
Here are some threads on contracts that may help:
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