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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Interested In Reading Your Policies, Handbooks Etc.
Beckyjoy4405 08:11 PM 10-09-2014
Hi everyone! I'm in the process of getting my daycare license and renovating our in-law apartment and turning it into my daycare space! All very exciting! I have a few months before I'll be licensed and the space will be ready. In the meantime id like to start working on my handbook for the families. I feel pretty overwhelmed. There's a lot I know I want to include but, having never done this before, I know there's a lot I'll forgot or just not know that I should include. I'm wondering if any of you lovely people would be interested in sharing your policies/handbooks/forms etc. with me. I'm not looking for someone to "copy" from ... More like collect as much wisdom and ideas as I can from experienced providers to help me shape my own set of policies! Tips and ideas welcome as well even if you aren't comfortable sharing your actual material! I hope this is ok to ask and not like a big no-no. Lol please forgive my ignorance, this is a totally new chapter for me! Thanks in advance! I'm sure I'll be posting a ton from here on out
Michael 12:35 AM 10-10-2014
Welcome to the forum. Here are some threads on handbooks:
KSDC 11:13 AM 10-10-2014
You can see my handbook (and some of the other required forms) on my website:

Welcome to Day Care!
earlystart 03:15 PM 10-13-2014
I would just buy the Tom Copeland book on Contracts and Policies, it has a CD with templates on it that you can adjust to your liking.
Beckyjoy4405 12:15 PM 11-16-2014
Thank you for your replys!!
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