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childcaremom 03:58 AM 08-28-2015
So going hand in hand with my drop offs....

I need a smoother transition at pick up time.

My parents are contracted until 5:30. I need to leave right at 5:30 to pick up my own children from an afterschool program.

Again, this is gone over in interviews, gone over in policies.

I plan to address this as a reminder and as a reinforcement of what I expect.

Dear Dcps,

Please abide by your contracted pick up times. Late pick ups are not tolerated and late fees will start accumulating at your pick up time. My mobile is the time that I use to track late fees. Alarms are set for each pick up time. If the alarm goes off and your child is still here, late fees are due no later than drop off the following day in CASH only. Late fee forms will be in your bag. Please do not put me in the awkward position of having to ask for monies owed.

I do suggest that you have a back up person who can pick up your child in the event that you will be delayed. Please call or text to let me know that you will be late and who will be picking up in your place.

Thank you for respecting my family and personal time. We have commitments each night of the week and late pick ups are disruptive to our schedule.

Thank you.
Dcp who does not want to work overtime.

Too wordy? Not strong enough?

This is the biggest buzzkill for me in the business and I do best with written words so need something that emphasizes to come and get their children on time.
rosieteddy 06:09 AM 08-28-2015
I would stop after monies owed.Less words better chance they will get it.Because you need to pick up your own children you should tell them verbally as well.Hardest of all is charging the fee ,do it if you have to.Your fee for after 5;30 should be steep.I am sure you are charged if you are late.
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