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Crunchymom04 04:16 PM 03-03-2017
So I have a late pick up fee of $1.00 per minuet in my contract with a grace period of 5 minuets. I was closed early on Ash Wednesday so I could attend Mass. It is in my contract, I sent a notice home 2weeks prior and as the day came closer I reminded parents again.

I had 1 parent not pick up at 4. I text her asking who was going to be picking up because I was closed early at 4. She text me back saying she forgot and would call her husband. It was a little after 4pm, at 5pm the DCG grandfather showed up.
How do I enforce a $55.00 late fee? Do I charge the late fee? It is a lot of money to hand over for a late fee.
AmyKidsCo 01:24 PM 03-04-2017
How do I enforce a $55.00 late fee?
- I invoice my parents monthly so I'd add it to the next month's invoice. Or you could type up a bill and give it to them.

Do I charge the late fee?
- That's totally up to you. Were you unable to attend mass because of their lateness? Since you reminded them I'd probably charge something for a whole hour late.

It is a lot of money to hand over for a late fee.
- You're the owner and can do what you want. You could charge the whole amount, wait the fee this time, charge half, whatever. I don't think I'd charge the full amount but I would charge something. Just be prepared for them to expect the same thing if they're late again, unless you're clear that this is a one-time thing.
thrivingchildcarecom 12:30 PM 03-06-2017
I know it sounds like a lot right? But the problem is if you don't enforce it, especially the first time, the parents get the impression they can explain their way out of it the next time. You could consider giving some grace with the amount, however, if you do I would let them know you are only doing this once so that they are appreciative of your good will.

I once had a parent who was late paying tuition every week for the two years she was a client. Totally MY fault! I should never have allowed it to happen. Now I am very clear about my policies and send out regular reminders so that there is no excuse for them or me not to follow the policies.
AmyKidsCo 01:13 PM 03-06-2017
I personally give the parents a "bye" the first time, but would enforce the second time. In this case I'd probably write a bill for the whole amount, then cross it off and charge $25.00. But the next time I'd charge he full amount.
KIDZRMYBIZ 11:41 AM 03-07-2017
I would be really mad if a dc family made me miss mass entirely (no later service to attend), and I would charge every bit of the late fee and have an honest convo with them. I, too, am a practicing Catholic, and would be quite peeved to miss Ash Wednesday.

If they caused me great inconvenience and forced me to go to a later service, I would still have the convo for sure, but probably let the fee slide IF it was a first occurrance and I really valued their business. And I would make that crystal clear, too, that it was a ONE TIME pardon.

That said, I have learned not to have early outs or late starts anymore, but to just take the whole day off. I got tired of them asking for a discount because of it, or "forgetting" about it like yours did. I used to do a late start to attend an annual Mother's Day mass at my sons' Catholic school, but after one parent showed up to drop off at regular time then beg me to take their child to church with me, I started taking the whole day off. And this year will be the last year. Our youngest child is in his last year of Catholic School after having children there for 11 years. Very sad to be closing this chapter of our lives!
EntropyControlSpecialist 12:34 PM 03-07-2017
I'd type up the invoice, have it e-mailed to them, and have it printed it off to hand to them at drop off. Child wouldn't be able to be checked in without paying the late fee in full.

"Oh, I'm sorry. All account balances must be paid in full prior to admittance. I can take cash or check for the $55.00 late fee from yesterday. Thank you! "

They'll be miffed. Just stand there and smile. Afterall, YOU weren't late...they were...and YOU missed mass. They should feel poorly about it and apologetically hand you the late fee. If they don't, then let them be the awkward one and you be the polite business owner standing there smiling.

I used to care about awkwardness with the parents. Now I stand and stare like I have no idea it's an awkward situation.
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