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Unregistered 09:37 AM 01-16-2020
Hello everyone, I'm in the process of becoming a licensed child care provider but need help forming the parent handbook and the job descriptions. I'm starting from scratch and don't have any reference forms. It's a little intimidating trying to just come up with what to write down. Can anyone help me out? Maybe send me a form you have completed, or send me a resource that helped you?

Thanks in advance!
Cat Herder 09:47 AM 01-16-2020
Here is a good free template that should get you off to a great start:

It is a safe state site. Copy/paste/edit to your needs.

For employees:
Unregistered 12:08 PM 01-19-2020
Thank you, this is very helpful. Do you have the link to other documents from them too? I really need everything from section B of the California application.
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