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newtodaycare22 10:32 AM 09-26-2012
I have preschoolers, ages 3-5. In the summer, they LOVE water play. We had water days with bathing suits and all, but I just mean mixing the water with dirt to make 'potions' or giving the tricycles 'car washes'. lol Basically things that could get them wet, which is fine in the summer.

The weather is starting to cool off now (only 70-80s here, but still...cooler). I've put the hose off limits and they seem so dejected by the lack of water. Any ideas to spruce up outdoor play and keep them busy? I have climbers, bubbles, outdoor chalkboards...but water was their favorite. Thanks!
brightstarts 10:48 AM 09-26-2012
What about water and paintbrushes? They can 'paint' the toys, chalkboards, concrete, etc.
WImom 10:53 AM 09-26-2012
I have dress up clothes just for outside - tutu's, contruction hats, dora backpack with objects for an exploration, etc. They love it - they do so much pretend play with the items. I just keep them in a sealed container in my storage bin and they've lasted a long time.
daycare 10:54 AM 09-26-2012
sand box or sand in the water table is always a good one... I let them use shaving cream or put bubbles in the water table if its not too cold

we also make huge leaf piles to jump into and throw.

mud pies??? I am one that no mater the time of year anything goes.

I tell the kids if you get wet you will be cold, I let them decide.
itlw8 10:56 AM 09-26-2012
tents a real tent is FABULOUS but even made out of blankets is fun. make a camping kit. try sensory things in your water table. acorns, sweet gum balls. Cedar amimal bedding.
spud912 01:51 PM 09-26-2012
During the cooler seasons, we spend a lot of time taking walks (I call them nature walks or parades depending on what I want to do) and going to the parks. I actually get bummed during the hot months because it's too hot to take walks and we end up in the backyard all the time (usually doing water activities).

Here are some ideas I have done outside in the backyard:
Mostly, though, I sit down in the center of the action with a book and watch the children come up with their own ideas.
Country Kids 01:55 PM 09-26-2012
Water table is still a big hit and its only in the high 60's or mid 70's here. I might fill it up with shaving cream tomorrow.

I do know what you mean about them being lost without the water table. That has cost me $$$$$ this summer and the days I don't fill it up they still try to play with it.
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