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Max 08:46 AM 05-01-2017
Our yard is a muddy mess (just got new sidewalks poured - yay!) but now we have to start landscaping and putting it back together. I have a small area of my yard that's next to our detached garage and sectioned off by the sidewalks. My grand idea is to maybe make it into a toddler play area. Not sure if it's really that grand of an idea or not lol so I was hoping to get some advice/thoughts. It would only be for 2, maybe 3 kids, at any given time.

So I guess first off, is this a good idea? Pros and cons? I'm wondering if it'll be hard to keep the younger ones in this separate play area (not all the time when we're outside, just sometimes) but hopefully not if I can make it a fun and engaging play space. I didn't plan to gate it, just put a cute little white picket fence around it with an opening. I think it'll be great though for the young ones to have their own spot.

And secondly, how would you set it up? Any other landscaping material I could use that's soft for crawlers? I like natural playground ideas and will likely just try to have thick, soft grass in that area. Maybe a small plastic slide or something but I don't want a ton of plastic toy things. I like simple and don't want it cluttered. Maybe a sensory path? I can't decide whether it should have zero things that can go in mouths (that seems to make the most sense) or if it should have a little dirt or sand pit to be played in? I don't mind mess, I think it's great if the kids get dirty I just haven't been around the crawlers and toddlers age for a bit! Some of the ideas on pinterest are great for most homes but not a good fit for a daycare setting.

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