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hoopinglady 05:35 AM 12-16-2011
I am finishing up my contract/handbook today. (heaven willing). Can someone share a comprehensive about me/child information form that they use? I am not finding one that I like and my brain is turning to goo after many hours of editing.

melissa ann 05:46 AM 12-16-2011
Here is what I use.

Name of Child:_________________________________________
Date of Birth:___________________________________________
Home Address:________________________________________
Home Phone Number:____________________________________

Mother/Guardian Name:__________________________________
Employer Address/Phone Number;__________________________

Father/Guardian Name:____________________________________
Employer Address/Phone Number:___________________________

In an emergency call: (if parent/guardian can not be reached)
name phone number relationship
to child

name phone number relationship
to child

If medical care is necessary call:
Phone Number:_________________________________


In addition to parent/guardian, child may only be picked up by:
Relationship to child:____________________________________

Relationship to child:____________________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature:
permanentvacation 10:38 AM 12-16-2011
Not sure if this is along the lines you're looking for but my 'about your child' has things like...

What milestones are your child currently working on? Such as tieing shoes, buttoning buttons, recognizing the alphabet when shown the letters out of order, etc.

What are your child's favorite foods?

What is your child's favorite game/activity?

What are your child's favorite toys?

What is your child afraid of?

Has your child ever been in a daycare/preschool setting? If so, can you tell me about their experience?

If your child has not been in a daycare/preschool setting, who has provided care for them and where was the care provided? Can you tell me about their experience?

What has been your child's typical daily routine? Are they used to a structured or non-structured day?

That's the type of things that I have in my about me page. Basically I want the parents to give me a bit of background info on the child so I can understand the child a bit more.

Things like parent's info, people allowed to pick the child up, medical informaion, allergies/medicines taken, etc. are on my emergency form.
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